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dirty car art - mona lisa
Da Vinci and Van Gogh

Dirt is beautiful

I love upcycling found objects. Every time I take the giant cap off my Tropicana Peach Mango Farmstand juice, I think about what I could make from it. There has to be some use for that big blob of perfectly formed plastic. As a practical person, I prefer things that are useful … ok, I’m still working on that one.

In the meantime, I like to see how other artists use what they find. If an upcycled project can’t be functional, it should at least be visually exciting (preferably in a beautiful way). Though lots of street artists create temporary works, it’s nice if all that effort will stand the test of time. Thank goodness for photography and the Internet.

Who hasn’t drawn a happy face on a foggy window or a big “warsh me” on a filthy one? Scott Wade takes that action about a thousand steps further with his Dirty Car Art. He says his art began simply because he lived at the end of a long dusty road and the “canvas,” and his finger, were there. He experimented with different sticks as brushes and came up with a rendering of the Mona Lisa on a clay-caked windshield. He emailed his masterpieces to friends and eventually caught the attention of a reporter. He now shows his work in galleries and creates memorable ads for a collection of advertisers. Take a look at some of his creations here.

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